Occasional Slime For SPS?


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Do you think it's a good practice to occasionally remove SPS from the water for a minute or two to make them slime?

Any benefit to this, e.g., excreting waste?


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I think that slime response to air exposure is a protective mechanism - it retains water so polyps are not exposed to air. I would not do it intentionally, any stress is bad.


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I'm quite the novice- so I don't know if any of my opinion is necessarily useful. Haha. My opinion is that I have great success with acropora, or any sps, when most of the factors ( aside from water parameters) are controlled, and everything is steady. I know of some who complain of no growth here locally, yet are switching the location of frags or colonies every week. Even changing the flow, or placement of the lighting, or the location of the frag, changes all the dynamics,and in fact stutters the growth temporarily as it begins adjusting to accommodate new growth, and other factors it needs to correct.
I DO, however, believe that a little irritation for the corals can be beneficial. No solid testimony or facts that I can give, yet I find that irritation of the coral, or the polyps on them encourages, or stimulates the coral itself ( if healthy) to correct, and to overcome. Naturally, corals are placed under great stress, sometimes hours of exposure to air, as well as the daily encounters with many creatures which can compromise the coral- and it fights back. Through growth, retraction of polyps, etc. it strives for life. Every now and then, agitating the coral in a mild way - in my opinion has shown their resilience through their great growth and colors. In fact, twice I have " stimulated" growth from a pink millepora, as well as a valida which temporarily showed no signs of growth, by agitating the coral.
My point to all of this, was that while I see that your intentions are to produce a good outcome, changing the multiple variables all at once , can possibly have a negative impact, or possibly won't show any , since the coral itself would always be having to adjust, correct, and keep trying to grow- when the variables are switched up, once again.