Octo ID 1 more time please


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Hello everyone,
I asked for a ID on a octopus a couple of days ago and I had little discription other than it had two blue false eye marks. Thank you Cephalopoder, it dose look a lot like the Bimac. The only dif is that this guy has a white mark on the back of its mantal and white marks on it's eyes. It dosn't seam to change color much and has been eating fiddler crabs. Dose this still sound like a Bimac?
There are some pics of my bimaculoides in this forum. You can compair to that. If it has the eye spots its a bimac. No other species common to the US market has blue eye spots.
Agh thank you for clearing that up. I just wanted to make sure,
so I could give it the proper attention. :)