Octo update...


Hi all. I have been way busy with stuff going on and havn't been able to post much here. I got a new Octo from Fishsupply about 2 months ago or so as a small. I feed him about every other day to every 3 days. He is now DOUBLE in size. Very personable, colors that are AMAZING and now comes out when I come up to the tank.
One quick story. I have those huge algae magnets that I bought about 10 years ago, that I have troube pulling apart. I mean the mac daddy magnets. Well, I went to use them to get some algae off the tank, and Octo wasn't sure what it was. He came over and proceeded to engulf it. I tried to slowly move the magnet to get him off...but it didn't budge. He was so strong that the magnet did not move. Then to top it all off, he pulled the magnet off the glass. I can't begin to tell you how strong these magnets are and the kind of power this must have take for a creature so small. Once again, I'm floored.
I hope everyone and there cephs are doing well...
Same exact thing here.. As I try cleaning the inside of the glass, the octo will attack and pull the magnet off. I wish I could lean my octo down though. It is a fat porky eatting 3 cray fish a day every day. :rolleyes:

If I don't feed it; the octo just sitts there looking at me in the "im hungry pose."
Alright, this series of posts just made my day. I havent' laughed this hard in quite a while.

I was on the edge about getting an octopus (mostly because I need to know I can adequately care for a creature before I buy it), and now I'm certain this is the one for me.

I hope you realize that little guy just made your life more interesting, just by being in it.