Octopi personality questions?


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I remember reading on some board a long time ago about someone who owned a puffer fish with the personality of a little puppy. It would come "running" when it's owner came near the tank and loved to be petted and scratched. It would also eat out of it's owner's hand.

I do know that for the most part, it would be considered irresponsible to even put your hands in the tank for anything other than cleaning.

However, I know that octopi are supposed to be among the smarted creatures in the sea. I would like to know what kind of personality I can expect from an octopus. I would assume that it varies, so any personal stories would be appreciated.

As a avid cephalopod owner I can tell you that you will never see a personality like you will see in a octopus.
They are closer to human than anything. O.bimaculoides has one of the best. But even that can be different from octo to octo. I think personality is a big reason to keep a octo. Its the most intelligent invertibrate there is.
Hi, I currently have 7 cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) and an unidentified octo. The octo has his good days and bad, seems shy one day and "flashy colours" the next. It is quite a small, long armed octo. Looks a bit like the "White V" in Mark Normans book.

i can hand feed it crabs but normally i just launch them in.
the cuttlefish are far more active and are extremely aware of their surroundings. They really watch every move you make. ^ of them do anyway. No. 7 is the largest and actually the shyest, normally hiding in some caulerpa. But that one is the boss, it gets the food first and chases the rest.

I read an article suggesting that an octo's "personality" might reflect what sort of lifestyle it had as a larvae. it was written by jennifer mathers. A search might find it.
Hey colin.
If you have a octo with a white V it could very well be a mimic species and very important to science. Take some good pictures please and post them. The National Geograpic channel just aired a show about the mimic octo. The same species I have that I posted a pic of on tonmo.com. In that show they had a species called landopuss. I think it might be the same one in Marks book with the V on it on page 301. If it is, way cool for you dude!
So please take some pics!!!!!! and record behavior. My mimic will not eat every day and some times hides for days under the sand. I think sand to hide under is very important for this species, to prevent stress. I also heat my water for my mimic and keep it around 80F. It seemed to become much more active and alive at that temp becoming active at dawn and dusk. So far after two months it is doing excellent!
Hi Chris,
I seen your posts at TOMNO.

The octo also hides until it is hungry. I recently posted a question about it on TOMNO because it is mainly in a sand tank but with gravel but it seemed to sort the gravel into piles. See Blair Witch Octo. It stopped doing that and doesnt really hide anymore.

Well, if it is I will be way happy. It cam from Bali. That is as much info as the importer can provide. Does thathelp. I have seen the white "V-ish" mark only 2 or 3 times. I know how difficult it can be to identify these invertebrates!

I get up at about 6:30 and octo is active and get in at about 5- 6pm. The lady in my life says she doesn't see it when I'm out (But she's a student! So what time does she get up at anyway????lol) It is active again at about 9pm.

I will post more pics as soon as i get the cam back from my sister........ whenever that happens.......she said something about the 30th of Feb ?????? lol

Glad to hear ol' mimic is doing okay. I asked my importer if he could get some and he laughed! Guess not then!

My temp is only 21.5 deg C and it seems okay. You think I should increse it?