Octopus bh-50 nano skimmer review video

Hello reefers,
I decided to make a video on the Octopus BH-50.
So far I am very impressed with the skimmer just after a few days of running.
It is very well built and doesn't feel cheap at all.
My tank is an Elos Midi 36 gallon
2 clowns
1 yellow watchmen
1 fairy wrasse

Please ignore my sump it is very dirty at the moment.

Here is the video
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Here is picture of it running on my 20 gallon for just 3 hours!


I would say this skimmer is a very good performer for tanks 50 gallons or less. Love it so far!


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looking for my first skimmer for my 40b, will have this skimmer in consideration! Thanks for the thread will check up to see updates on your product.