Ok I admit it I am HOOKED!


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Anyone here have a mantis that they might be wanting to get rid of ?

I am hooked on these guys and want to get another one, so if you are wanting to sale or give :D one away let me know.

I have a 10 gallon tank all setup and waiting just for the lil guy or girl.

I dont wanna pay a arm and or a leg at the LFS around here, so if you have one or can get one for a resonable price around your location, let me know.

Thanks everyone

Leo :)
try this

try this

I recieved a few mantis from these guys. They sell live rock, and when I called them they were happy to send me some for the cost of shipping, and thats it.
The store is Gulf View (they have a web site) and the number is
( 813)-948-9121.
Good Luck