Oooo yea got me Octo

So after a year and half of acclimation in my tank, I get an octopus!
Whoooooa we, so I've had it now for the past 6 hours, did a very smooth acclimation and I've fed it some snails and hermit crabs. It seems to be a healthy tanked raised specimen. Very beautiful bimaculoids. this is the coolest hobby I've ever taken up. Wow.
Just wanna give a shout out to chris and octomonkey for the help = ) colin, haha. Well Its great to be back in reefcentral community. So far so good guys. Lets hope this ceph makes it = ).

Take care everyone.

O and colin: :bum: :eek1: :mad2: :lol: :smokin: :confused: :bum: :mad2:
good luck!

good luck!

did you get your tank raised bimac from marine depot? i got mine about a month ago...i actually got 3, and they're all living together too...they all eat great - love the crawfish (pinchers removed) and also dried krill off a feeding stick...good luck with yours, they're incredible to observe! Andy
I'll try and get some pictures.
haha yea colin, its on now!
Acclimated my tank a year and half. lmao.
So my octo, who I've named frank is pretty comfy. He sure is shy when I'm around though, but if I sneak up to the tank he's like, uh oh and goes back into his new den inside of some live rock. Good stuff there. He's got one cheesy tank mate, a chocolate chip starffish nothing special. I am amazed over the variance of their behavior and personality. Indeed one of the more clever natured animals of the sea. It was nice to see him build his den. He jetted water to remove rocks etc.
Colin what are u taking care of these days?
Thank you Cephalopod forum for all your help back in the day :bum:
Take care,