OOOPS, I broke my heater...


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I have been cycling my 240 for almost 2 months .
I have hit a few roadbloaks, but I won't bore you with details;)
My heater went out..two or three weeks ago after a friend came to redo my messed up plumbing .I pulled this 800 watt heater up out of my sump without unplugging it:rolleyes: ..It sizzled and smoked and I dropped it back in..within an hour it had tripped the fuse [at the time I wasn't sure what happened] Apparently I broke my unbreakable Finnex heater;)
So, my tank is now 70 degrees:eek: All the crabs and snails are still alive and asking for coats!
Also, I have only had a Tunze in the tank for circulation while cycling

Question..will a cool temp affect cycling at all? I am out of ammonia testers right now but am getting a 0-nitrite and a 20 nitrate reading so I believe it is cycled. The rocks and sand were in a tub cycling for a month prior to adding them to the tank

I have a new heater..I had planned on taking the water from my 125 and replacing some of the water in the 240 and moving the fish...but now I am worried my tank may not be ready

Any ideas anyone? Thanks
The low temperature might eventually kill some animals. I wouldn't worry too much, though, but I would give it a few days to make sure the ammonia is still zero.