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I currently have a niger and a picasso trigger. I am really contemplating getting rid of the triggers and getting a couple of lions. I know lions grow a lot faster and that is kind of why I want to do this, besides the fact that I really do like lions. What do you all prefer lions or triggers? What do people tend to appreciate more?


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People tend to appreciate more of what their tastes are - which you should do as well.

Now, what I can do is tell you that Lions do not swim around as much as triggers.

Second, Lions are harder to feed and I think they tend to be more delicate and prone to diseases. Their immune systems are not as strong but can be treated.

So the short answer is, they take a little more maintenance and are slightly more delicate.


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Lions are cool. Sometimes you need to get them small to get them eating frozen food. Mine would even eat pellets if they were on the top or floating the water column. They can grow from small to basketball size in a year. Their food consumption can really cause the N and P to rise the tank. Have a plan with what to do with a lion that won't fit in a salt bucket in a year. I gave mine away to a 900G display at the local childrens hospital where it gets fresh squid, shrimp and fish ever day. :)

Triggers are cool too though and grow a lot slower.

Get what you want.


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Get another tank and have both! After this is the land of opportunity.

I would love to, Its just not possible right now. I like the fact they will grow so fast, I want a large show size fish. I have had the niger for almost 4 years, its only 6-7 inches. For some reason when people look at a tank they are always wow'ed by a large beutiful fish. Im thinking with a lion I can accomplish that quicker. Then when my juvi imperater gets large I will have a few show fish.


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Personally, I like lionfish and related scorpionfish better. However, if you have an imperator angel, the trigger really is the better tankmate. Large angels can tear lionfish apart and I don't think it would be worth the risk.

If you are concerned with the opinions of others, most people I know are wowed with the simplest things in an saltwater tank. In their case, either fish should be very interesting to them. As for people in the hobby, some would prefer the lionfish and some would prefer the trigger. It doesn't really matter.


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the imperator is small Im not worried about it picking on the lion at all. I decided to go with lions over triggers. Thanks for your ideas everyone.


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I like em both. I like Triggers by choice, but I like Lions automatically. They stay in the water cloumn all day, but they are fun to have. In fact they are probably better show pieces for your friends than Triggers are. Plus my Lions seemed to warm up to me. They knew when it was time to eat, and I knew when they wanted to eat.
I love Triggers for their personality, and unusual shape. I would still own my Lions (probably), but I had some tank issues at the time of their purchase, and I let another reefer take them. I kept the video of them. I'll put both a video of the Lion, and a video of my Triggers in this post. Click the PICS. Here is the Lionfish video....hope you enjoy

Here is the Triggerfish video....