Osmolator starts a siphon?


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I was checking out the osmolator and read that you have to have the return go up to the tank instead of the sump because otherwise it would start a siphon? What do you mean by this? Couldnt you have the return line above the surface of the sump water so it doesn't start a siphon?:confused:

In most cases your reservoir will be taller than your sump- this iswhere the siphon would be a problem. Once the pump runs it will start a siphon of the reservoir into the sump. Further you are correct in that the hose must not touch the water. It is the best practice to run the hose up to the aquarium. The hose is basically a black airline tube and should not detract much at all from the install- all the sensor will be located in the sump.
Thanks i understand now, but i have another question, one of the sensors is an optical sensor and the second is a back-up float right?
Correct- our prototype had two infared sensors but true redundant safety requires a seperate technology or the problem that caused the error could cause an error for both sensors. Their is a third safety of 10minute time out.
Ideally you would add the Calcium Dispenser accessory to do this. If you use kalkwasser without the dispenser the alkaline solution and particularly the slurry greatly shorrtens the pump life and voids it's warranty. However this isn't a huge issue as the pump is about $18 and even in the worst situation will likely last 6 months.
No- it also shouldn't be annoying in most circumstances. If you need more water volume I would use the switched socket 3150.11 and a larger pump.
Run at 7V?

Run at 7V?

Does it hurt the pump to run it at the 7 volt setting? (Only one foot of lift is required in my setup. )

I would like to do this to maximize the safety advantage of the 10 min. shut off. In other words, less water and KW would be pumped in the 10 min time before shut off.

Thank you.
I don't see why not. In fact by my readings at 9v the actual output is nearly 11V so 7V is probably more like 9.

I am also curious about this unit. But the water level in my tank does not change so i am unclear of how this will work. My problem is I need to keep a constant level (within 1/2 inch) in my sump? Will this solve my problem? Where can I see some better pics of teh complete system or even better a system in use?
You can use any container you like provided it is placed below the height you are pumping too. The top off water should always go to the tank. The sensors mount in the sump.