OT - Friends car was stolen last night near Stapelton

Ah man...an Audi too!! Not really in the area but I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled. Best of luck to your friend.
It stinks when your vehicle gets stolen.

However ( call me a jerk if you like )... your friend is probably better off NOT getting it back. I assume that he has insurance?

The last time my vehicle was stolen, I got it back, but it had been beaten up ( it was a 4X4 ). My insurance didnt cover anything because we couldnt prove that the tranny & suspension DIDNT make those noises before the theft.

I ended up selling it at a loss.

Another case: My GMC Typhoon was stolen, & totaled in a high speed chase by the police. In that case the insurance covered it, but try finding another Typhoon to replace it...

I some cases, you are better off never seeing your car again.

STolen Car

STolen Car

Previous poster is absolutely right on hoping he doesn't get the car back. Esp. if it's not within the next few hours. You never know what the people that stole it do in it. Six months from now he could be pulled over because the car was used in a store robbery or drive by murder.........

Don't think it doesn't happen................... because it does all the time. Why do you think people steal cars? To strip and sell the parts or to commit crimes in.

car is insured and was equipped with LoJack, though it is not responding.
He was home asleep, they opened the garage door, took the car, winter wheels/tires and the jack. They probably stopped somewhere to swap to snow ties as the road were pretty bad last night, at least for Z-rated summer tires

More than likely the car is in pieces as I write this....several car clubs are watching their forums and other sites for potential For Sale post/ads etc......