PAR 38 bulbs


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I would go with rapid led I had the ecoxotic and it blows

I have a pr25 orphek 6b 6w and its by far the best bulb on the market


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I have the Full spectrum one from Ledtric, brings out the colors from my corals, but I have to hang it about 10 inches from water to get some spread. There is one from Reefbreeders that is dimmable that I may try next.

Crusty Old Shellback

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I'm running 3 of the Ecoxotic 20K's on my 400G tank as suplimental light to my Natural Sun Light. The LED's are Cree's.

I had some issues with the first one's I got as one went dim. They quickly replaced it. When I got the new one, it was much brighter and more balanced than the other two I had. I also noted that it was built differently than the others. I called them and they shipped me two new ones of that same style as I shipped my other two back. Their customer service is aswome.

The color and spread looks awsome. The corals colors look good as well at night after the sun goes down. I've been running the new ones for a couple of months now with no issues. We'll see what happens long term.


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I also have the ecoxotic, the tri color on a much smaller tank but I do like it. I'm using it along with 2 stunner strips as I liked the 2 red LED's for certain corals to pop but I wanted a little more blue. The bulb is built well, a little heavier than I thought but pretty solid. My coral seems to like it, it was tricky to get it adjusted because it can be a bit of a spot light but once you feature it out the spread is pretty good.


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I am trying to make the same decision. I am set on the Rapid LED but he is switching the Blue lights for UV. I kind of wanted to blues.

Do you guys think the UV will be nice?


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How many of the RapidLED PAR38 bulbs would I need over an innovative marine 30 or 38gal tank? What fixture are you guys using to put them into?