pepperment shrimp & clams?


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Well I have a pepperment shrimp that has ate an aiptasia in my 5.5 gallon nano. I was originally going to put the shrimp into my 240 where there are a handfull of aiptasia's that have survived several kalk missiles. Well the question is Julian Sprung says in his quick referce to inverts that pepperment shrimp will eat clams?

Does anyone have any expierience with this?

I have 3 clams 1 crocea and 2 maximas that if eaten by this $5 shrimp my wife will murder me.

We bought a copperband for the main tank, no problems so far but no eaten aiptasias either. There may be too many food sources available to the butterfly, thousands of feather dusters. Maybe after he cleans out the feather dusters he will work on the aiptasias.

If we all come to the conclusion that the pepperments will or will not do damage to the clams then I can decide what to do.

I could hook up a 20 gallon tank in line to house 3 or 4 pepperments in and move the rocks that can be removed to the 20 for pest removal, or just add a couple to main tank.

O well sorry for long post, all comments welcome.

Thanks Rob
I have 3 pepermints in my 125 with 5 clams and they have not touched the clams yet in 2 mounths. But I would like to get the shrimps out just incase but would half to tear out half the tank to remove them. I may add a shrimp eating fish to remove them in stead. I just dont trust them and watch them very closly.