Percula Clown Questions


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I just bought a 2 inch clown with a bubble anemone. water conditions were perfect so i just added them in after floating the bags for about 30 minutes. anemone has taken over its spot and seems to be doing very well, but the clown is in the corner of the tank at the bottom, and it is just sitting there with its fins flapping. doesnt look unusual, but im scared. these are my first live fish in the tank and i jsut want to get some advice.
I don't know what you mean by "water condition were perfect". Don't know if you meant your water or the transport water. If all you did was float the bag in the water then all you did was match temp. and no other perameters. This would be quite a shock to the fish. Clowns are pretty tough so hopefully everything is ok. If you have'nt already I would turn off your tanks lighting as this should help make things less stressful for the fish also. Just my .02 .
Dear Ssungyo , I am about to give you some tough love so please take this in a positive way as it is meant.The other day you said you had a reef tank set up and you were ready to get your first coral but you didn't know much about reefkeeping and you were scared.So people gave you some good advice and told you need to study basic reefkeeping and also study any animals you intend to purchase for your tank.Thay gave you some references to study and told you to moniter RC for awhile and watch and learn and most of all to be patient. The next day you go out and get a clownfish and an anenome and the clownfish is acting wierd and you are scared.So tell much did you study in a 24 hour time on taking care of a clownfish anenome pair.The anenome is very demanding on water quality and lighting and really not for a total beginner.They can live over 100 years in the wild,How long is it going to live in your tank? The point is ,if you are not going to listen to people here,why even bother to ask.


Thanx for the tough love. I just have to let you know that this tank that I have set up was already an active tank before i brought it home. I had managed to save most of the previous bacteria from the other tank as well as the water that it came with. though i am in my fourth week, i have been getting instructions on what to add and what not to add from a friend of mine who owns the Local Fish Store. He has been walking me through and because he is my friend....I knwo he is not trying to rip me off. i have seen some of the tanks that he has set up and rarely have i seen any unhealthy or dying corals. i ask questions on the board so that i may get educated and learn some stuff from a variety of people. I am not totally lost in the hobby. For many years now, i have been raising and breeding freshwater fish and I have been in dutch gardens. i am currently studying up on the reef hobby and, through trial and error, i hope to gain a fulll understanding of the hobby. i am not trying to **** people off, and i hope that i didnt **** you off. Im learning and I am having fun doing it. so far everything is going well so until there is a problem, i am not worrying too much. I appreciate your input in this and i thank you for helping me understand how this hobby works.
Dear Ssungyo; I was not angry at all.You'll know when I get angry because I turn green and my muscles start bulging and I ruin yet another perfectly good pair of shirt and pants. :lol:
Sounds like you are on the right track ssungyo. Clowns are a good first fish imo.

Did your freind tell you that anemonies are not a beginners invert? Hope he told you that it needs to be fed regularly to survive.

I went the same route as you before getting into a reef tank. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.