PFO extension cords

David Corbett

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I just recieved a dual 400 65k pfo unit from you guys, thanks for the fast service, everything was first rate. The tank this setup is going on is very tall and long I need longer cords for the lights themselves. I can splice into the cords but would rather add an extension if possible. Does PFO offer something like this? DOC
hi Doug,

Yes, we have a PFOEXTEND item that adds 7 more feet from your ballast to socket with the 3prong quick connects, so everything is still nice and neat. Little expensive, they cost 14.95 each.

If you decide to splice yourself, try to stick with around 15 feet or less, you can go longer, but might loose some power.

Jason - will the PFOEXTEND that you sell work with the icecap converstion kit?

In other words, I recently bought from you guys mog sockets and the icecap conversion kit that has a grounded plug and the plug to the mog sockets. Can I use PFO extend with this set up to get extra distance.

Yes, the PFO extend will plug right into the PFO-IceCap conversion cable, so would give you another 8 feet.

The extends we have instock are the new version with black ends and 3 prongs, so make sure you check that on your sockets. PFO doesn't use the white mollex connector anymore.

If you have all white mollex connectors, we could have it special made at pfo still, same price, just would take a few days for them to make.

Jason - a quick follow up question about my PFO-Icecap conversion set ups. They are wired into a standard 3 prong plug, but my icecap timers require bare wires to be installed into the machine. I assume I can just snip off the plug and wire it up, but thought I would check whether you've encountered this question before.

Yes, if you are using an IceCap timer, it has it's own grounded plug, so you could just cut the other plug off and wire into the timer. You might check with and make sure there timer is okay for halide, i know it can handle the VHO ballast, so should be okay for halide.