PH issues


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Hi Randy, I'm having some problems with my PH. My KH is also high, so using a buffer probably won't be helpful. Here are my numbers. I'm using a CA reactor which we just started a few days ago. Prior to that I was using the lime water method which worked great but we had to change the bucket every few days using plain RO/DI water on the off day. I didn't kije the CA going up and down so we get the CA reactor. The numbers I have today were pretty close to what they were a few days prior to starting the CA reactor. Salifert were used for all tests.

CA 425
KH 14.7
Mg 1260

PH 7.9 via pinpoint monitor

Actually I've battled low PH most of the time. Once in a while I have nice PH range. So the lime water really didn't do the trick either.
Hmmm, My son is on the fire department I'll have him bring the CO2 detector in our house.

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Ok, so I think I have my Co and Co2 mixed up. Irregardless. He just tested the Co in the house and it is 0-1 at highest. I 'm not sure that's what I wanted to test for though is it?
He probably tested for carbon monoxide. Randy is talking about carbon dioxide. We who live in the north states get elevated carbon dioxide levels in our homes because in the winter we have our houses closed up. Elevated Co2 levels will drive ph down. I comes from many sources. Heck , when I cook with my gas stove, my ph drops a unit or so.
Yes you are correct, he tested for carbon Monoxide and Randy is talking about the carbon Dioxide. :)
I may have to learn to live with mine as well. The sump room has no windows in it. The reason we bought the CA reactor is to replace the lime water. We could also drip lime but the CA would still fluctuate as well as the PH.