Pincushion Urchin, Blue Tuxedo


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Just have few questions about Pincushion Urchin, Blue Tuxedo. Considering this urchin for next setup for possible algae issues. I haven't kept any urchins so far so have lots of questions:

-> Are this urchins reefsafe?
-> Do they bother any corals or fish or other inverts?
-> Do they eat sponges or sea skirts on the LR?
-> What type of algaes do they eat off of LR?
-> Are they venonomous?
-> Do they sting?

Thanks :)
i can relate my experience with a hairy pincushion urchin (Tripneustes gratilla).

its been reefsafe so far
he/she actually navigates around corals, has never dislodged/ bothered a coral the time i've had it
none of my sponges/ squirts are missing
just about any algae including coralline
this one isnt, but there are some that are , not sure if the venomous ones are readily available
not this one , spines are quite soft to the touch

Hope this helps

its kinda both (imo) good because its a calcium user and i'd rather the calcium was used by my corals, bad because coralline inhibits the growth of nuisance algae, by that i mean nuisance algae does'nt grow on surfaces that are covered in coralline