pistol shrimp and watchman goby question


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A few weeks ago I added a yellow watchman goby, the lfs told me that they would form a special relationship with a pistol shrimp. I have found several pistol shrimp online I would like to know wich one is best for a home aquarium?
candy stripe pistol shrimp are very nice looking!

just to let you know... once they "pair up" you probably wont see them all that much
This was my Yellow watchman and Tiger Pistol shrimp pair:)

tiger pistol shrimp

tiger pistol shrimp

Hi I have a tiger pistol shrimp and yellow watchman.

They are great together. A must addition to the tank.

The deeper the sand bed the more fun you will get from them.
do you see these guys all that often??
my friend a his pair... and saw them only like once a month
they would just go into hiding for months at a time and he had NO aggressive fish in there
I purchased a tiger pistol shrimp and a yellow watchman on line, received them about a week ago. They paired up the next day and I see them all the time. The Goby stands guard at one of two entrances he and the shrimp have. I don't see the shrimp a whole lot, but the Goby is almost always out "watching". I love watching them, absolutely fasinating.
It depends on where they make their "home". If they find a suitable place in the back of the tank and it's a big tank then yes you'll rarelly see them.. What I tried to do was make a small cave and place them there...it worked out for me .
hmmm.... i would love to get this pair.... but not sure if my Longnose Hawkfish would look at that pistol shrimp as "dinner"
I have a orange-spotted goby that paired up with our tiger pistol but wouldn't have anything to do with our bullseye pistol!