Place to buy resistors


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Following up on the LED threads - I've been to the nearest three Radio Shacks, and none of them have squat for resistor selection - the drawers at both were barely sorted correctly and I am in need of three or four types to complete my moonlighting rigs.

Does anybody have a tip on a place to buy resistors other than Radio Shack?

That's a good link Feeder, but I want to pick some up tomorrow, and I don't need them by the 100, just a couple for one moonlight.

Will do - I was hoping they sold these at WalMart or Homedepot and I just didn't know it. I'll hit the phone book.

I just got email from aqualux that said my T5 retro order had parts that were out of stock so it doesn't look like I'll be building my light rack this weekend anyways - which is a major drag.

look in the yellow pages for local electronic supplies stores (like the ones that sell to technicians). Most of the online stores, Digikey, etc. have minimum order requirements or they will charge up to $5 surcharge. I would be a pain to have to spend more than $5 for a resistor, unless you can find other stuff to buy from them.