placing shrimp/goby pair


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I am acclimating a dracula goby/pistol shrimp pair. When it's time to introduce them to my display tank, is there a way to influence where they set up shop? I have a cave ready for them, but the tank is big and has lots of hiding places. Should one go in first, then the other? Or somehow both together?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here's our tank info:
125 gal with 250 lb lr/250 lb aconite & live sand, RO/DI water, Life Reef skimmer/sump/refugium; blue, actinic, and mh lights; Ca 460, KH 9, Mg 1390, NH3/PO4/NO3 0, corals: acropora, montipora, ricordia, acans, zoas, stylophora, gsp, frogspawn, leathers; fish: black ice clown pair, Helfrich firefish pair, 3 blue green chromis, yellowtail blue damselfish, copperband butterfly, 2 blue neon gobies, gem tang, pair of black line fang blennies, blotched anthias; inverts: glass shrimp, scarlet cleaner shrimp; CUC: stomatella snails, hermit crabs, emerald crabs
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I put my YWG/pistol pair in the tank about 2 weeks apart. It took them around 10 days to pair up. As far as them setting up where you want them to, good luck. I have about 60lbs of rock in my 72g and they literally have tunnels dug from one end of the tank to the other. They will stay in one spot for few days, then move on, then repeat.


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What I did was I took my shrimp and put him right next to my goby and when he came out of the net they paired up so I had no wait time but that's no always the case but Hulu can try it never hurts.