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I've had some health set-backs and have decided to go back to my biocube 29. I've already moved the rock/corals/fish I plan to keep and I have my second hand 75g with 29g sump and 36" stand/canopy and a separate light fixture for sale. I bought the tank used and there are some scratches.

This is the tank before:


Just the stand:


This is with the other light fixture:


I needed some of the ecoxotic panorama pro's in the canopy but I did leave two strips with a power supply/splitter and dimmer in case you want just FOWLR or want to add more.

I'd like to sell it all for $400 obo - the tank, stand, canopy with led's, other light fixture, sump, pump, my second hand protein skimmer, a tunze powerhead and a koralia, the Phosban reactor, about 25-30lbs of live rock (the brs reefsaver rock on the right) and the remaining corals (just some softies) to anyone who's willing to come and break it down. There's also some snails, hermits and a sand sifting starfish that go with the deal.

I have a used mag 9.5 pump and a heater that can go with the package.

If you have questions about specific components please feel free to pm me. I'm in Clearwater just south of Gulf to Bay.

Addtl info:

I think the skimmer is a RS80. It's probably a little underpowered.

The lights in the canopy are two Ecoxotic Panorama Pro's with 12k whi/453 blue (I think each strip has 8 white and 4 blue led's) and the other light fixture is a Coralife with two T5's and a 150 watt HQI. I'm not too technical and I purchased it secondhand. But it works.

I also have 6-7 filter socks.

As for the pumps - I have 3 - the cheapo one in there now, a mag 9.5 and a deep blue pump that stopped working after only a couple weeks use.
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I'm interested in buying your tank. I'm available anytime tonight or tomorrow morning, so give me a call 727 267 8364. I live in Oldsmar. I can't PM due to the 10 post requirement.