Please help with raising 10 day old seahorses

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Thanks for reading! I have been reading alot on seahorses for some time. Today, I was at my LFS, and noticed they were raising some babies. They asked if I wanted to try to raise a few, so I said sure.

Anyway, I have them in my 15 gallon nano, which is very lightly stocked. They're in a breeding trap, and are in an area with very low current. I have some spray dried phytoplankton that I've witnesed them eating (I think), and I'm also hatching artemia(Kent Zoe added). That being said, here are my questions:

I suspect that there is something wrong with their swin bladders, as they spend their time at the surface (they did this at the LFS as well). When he bagged them, he kept them underwater the whole time, although I'm not sure how they were caught from the tank they spawned in.(Don't think they were exposed to air) Is there anything/something I should do?

Does anyone have other ideas to supply nutrition? I understand that most of these animals die because of a lack of nutrition.

I've read two articles on the breeders registry as well.

Thanks in advance, and wish me [and my sea horses] good luck.

I would try to feed them newly hatched brine shrimp. I would also have selcon or zoe in the brine before feeding. An article I read say that at 10 days to weeks old they should go be eating newly hatched brine. It also suggest about 5 per seahorse. If you have not ever tried to hatch these it is simple. I take a glass pint or quart jar. I feel it just over half full with water out of my reef tank and add fresh water till my jar is about 3/4 full add eggs, air stone just enough air to circulate the eggs and a small lamp for heat and light. With in around 18hrs they will be hatched. They also more nutritional value since they have their egg sac. Try to syphon their shells out before feeding (they could do some damage to the seahorses). Dont forget the selcon.Keep us posted. I will ad more later if I find more info

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