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so this past week everything in my tank was doing fine i got a 55 gal salt water tank. got new live rock for my refugium sitting in my tank while i was building it ne ways i look one morning turn my light on ehich is stanard florescent light for my FOWLR system ne who i look and theirs some kind of weird coral looking thing on the rock well later that day its gone lights been running so then today i look turn light on and its back! idk what it is! i got pics and then another thing is that my live rock real full of coraline has some red slime alge looking stuff growning on it got pic of it too idk if it is or not and then finally i got a rock in the tank with awhole bunch of little worms on it not moving i couldnt see very small~ hellp plz!

the weird coral thing idk??

the worms!


the rock!


please help me!
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Pictures don't work for me. Based on your questions though, you may have better luck posting this kinda stuff in the "New to the Hobby" forum. I am not sure how to get the picture links to work though.