PM Bullet XL 3


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I just purchased a precision marine bullet. XL 3. After letting it break in i did a heavy feeding and would like to know how long it usually takes to start producing moist skimmate again??
I was very surprised at how much of an impact the feeding had on bubble production. The entire bubble column reduced almost to the bottom where the inje tors meet the column. Pretty much zero foam.
So anyone with Beckett, bullet XL or regular Bullet experience please comment! And if you can give a time frame please do!
I've used all types of skimmers, mostly commercial down-drafts, but needle wheels and centuries as well. This is a first however.


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I did some maintenance much earlier and I really need this beast to be skimming properly right now. I'm beginning to get worried...


Shai Dorsai!
What size pipe? The pump may be a little small but the PM Bullets I used usually recovered from feeding/hands/cleaning/etc within a couple of hours.


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The bullet xl is pre fabbed with 1" pvcand the pump is 1" in and out so i kept everything 1". And i disagree that this pump is under rated because when its in regular skimming action i achieve a total column of foam all the way up the tower with the water level very low. I can also create a wetter skimmate, which i typically prefer, that is very dark.

I know PM recommends Reeflo pumps but i dont understand why they would recommend flow pumps and not pressure pumps? Maybe im confusing concepts with Downdraft skimmers. Anyway the Blueline 70 HD is a super high pressure pump with a head shutoff close to fifty feet and a PS(I) of 22-23. Im happy with the combo. But im not soo happy with how long it hasnt been skimming properly now.



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If you feed any oilly type of feeds they can shut down
in a tank with little bioloads for a couple of days.
Thats a good skimmer that will keep your TOC level
very low just wipe the neck lightly with a paper towell
once a month......dont over clean becketts.
I run a nice foam prefilter on the pump and only rarely
touch any part of my ETSS beckett mod.


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Just an update.

This pump (blueline 70 hd) is plenty pressure and flow for the bullet xl 4. I can atest to this information because i just lost 400 gallons of water onto the basement floor out of the entire system.

Thank you know who, for the Rigid Wet/Dry motorized hose adapter that automatically drains my 14 gallon Wet Dry. I suggest this product for anyone who has a large tank thats moody.


I run an XL 2 with an Iwaki MD 100. I'm not overdriving it by a long shot, as far as water throughput. My main issue is keeping the air intake clear, since salt creep happens and clogs it up. Compared to a needlewheel, feeding mysis shrimp/selcon will shut the bubble production down easier, but it's usually back up within an hour or two.