Possible Brooks or Velvet on Clowns?


Hello everyone.

I have 2 clowns in my 125 gallon reef tank that I got as a pair. The female looks like she has some white spots and just kind of looks dirty. From what I researched I initially thought it was brooks but now I’m thinking velvet possibly? I first noticed the look probably last week on her but dismissed it because there was no odd behavior, she was till eating normal and I’m battling some uglies so I thought there was just gunk floating around that maybe got caught on her.

1. How old is this aquarium?
1 month.

2. If less than six months old, what is ammonia level?
0 ppm

3. What is SG of this aquarium? How measured?
1.025 with refractometer

4. When was the last fish added to this aquarium?
Aug 14 2022

5. Was it quarantined? If so, how? And how long? Was it prophylactically treated? How?

6. If you are using a copper based medication, which one? How often do you measure level? When? NA

7. If you are using hyposalinity, how did you calibrate your refractometer? NA

8. Please describe in detail, the appearance of the fish? If there is one or more pimples, are they lumpy? What color?
Kind of dull white. Along top fin and near tail.

9. Please describe the behavior of the fish as best you can. Is it acting reclusive? Is it always up towards the top of the aquarium? Is it avoiding light? How active is the fish? Sometimes will swim up by power head but not all the time.

10. Is the fish eating? What?
Frozen PE mysis cubes. Also some dry pellets of same brand.
Some pics of what I’m seeing. Hard to see in some shots but best I could snap


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