Possible Heat problems?


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I am thinking of going with a single 175w MH(most likely 14k EVC bulb) over my 40g breeder. I know it wont cover the entire tank but I plann to add 2X39w T5(UVL Super Actinics) later on down the road. The canopy will have the MH about 8"-9" off the top of the water. I am planning 2 4" fans to help cool the insid eof the canopy(open back). Do you all think I will have a problem with heat? I guess I could add a fan over the sump(23g DIY) but I want to make sure that I wont have heat problems.

I keep the house A/C at 78 during the day in summers and the outside temp is usually 98-105F. What do you all think. Tank will be mainly Zoanthids maybe a few ric and SPS up high in the tank.