Possible T5 Combinations


Been out of the hobby for a while and decided to jump back in. I have a 6 bulb T5 fixture that I'm having trouble deciding on the right combination for. My understanding for each ATI bulb is...

Aqua Blue Special - full-spectrum, green dominant
Blue Plus - best "blue" look, blue and purple dominant
Purple Plus - red and blue dominant
Coral Plus - blend of all of the above
True Actinic - dim to the naked eye, premium growth

Just curious what everyone's favorite combination of bulbs is, how to balance growth vs. appearance, etc. Thanks!


New member
In my case i am using 3B+, 1C+, 1P+ and 1 TA.

Many people use 3B+ with 3 C+ but i decided to diversify as i also have 2 Blue Reef Brites.