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I do not have that big of a budget, so PHs like the MP10 are out of my range. I currently have 2 Hydor Koralia Evolution 550s, and it just doesn't seem like enough flow. I want to have a mix reef in the future: soft corals, LPS, fishes and maybe a SPS. The tank being more focused on fish then the corals. Will a Koralia 750 be that much of a difference from the 550? Or do I need a 1050? Could I use a 550 on one side with the 1050 on the other?


I'd do 1 or 2 Tunze 6045's with the adjustable shroud. They work well. I run 2 Tunze 6095's in my 40 Breeder, but I'm moving to more of an SPS type of tank.

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I think there is a sticky on powerheads not sure if not there should be one. Basically there is two different tyoes of flow u get from powerheads. First is direct flow, lots of flow in a straight line mostly the cheaper brands. With that being said it makes it look like u have more flow than what u have I had two pumps that where 650 gph and moved water violently it was nice till I had to put certain things in certain places. The other type is a wider band of water movement like a wall of water, usually the more expensive brands. The key to your success especially with a budget is to find where u are most comfortable and go from there I have a koralia 1400 and a maxijet 1200 with a 1200 gph upgrade kit and I have a return pump that moves 1350 gph. I would like another 1400 and I would be happy.

With all this being said everyone will tell u that u need to have 25 30 times turnover in ur tank. I personally think that is an ok thing to try and accomplish but as long as ur corals are happy and nothing settles behind rock you are fine. Hope this helps just my 2 cents

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I had two Koralia 750's in my 40B for about a year. I just switched one out for a 1025. Much better flow IME.


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If you can swing it, get a reefkeeper lite for $115. It has a built-in wavemaker. So you just plug two (wavemaker) capable powerheads into 2 plugs (of the 4 it comes with) and it will control the wave fronts. Most powerheads will work with it by the Hydors are great due to being relatively cheap.