Presidental Address


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Let me begin by saying thanks to Tom for getting the society back up and running and for all the hard work he has put into it. I am excited to be the new president of the Omaha Marine Society. I have only been in the hobby for about 4 years now and can honestly say I still have a lot to learn. I would love to see the society be a great social and educational club where we can all share ideas and enjoy the company of fellow marine aquarists. For this club to be successful we need to continue to bring in educational type speakers, put on tank tours and hold fun social events such as Toms BBQ. We also need for members to attend these functions and support the club. We also need to raise some money so we can afford to bring in the national speakers such as Calfo and Michaels. I would love to bring in these types of speakers several times a year. I am also planning for some up coming events and would like input on what types of events you would like to see in the near future. I am also looking for someone to head up fund raising and I have already found someone to head up membership. We can make this club a lot of fun and be able to afford to sponsor some of the bigger events if we work together. In the near future we will be holding a used equipment auction. It will be a 75/25 auction where the club gets 25% of the sale price and you get 75%. It is a great way to help out the society and get rid of some of the equipment you have laying around collecting dust and get some great deals. We will be annoucing this soon. We will also be working on shirts and getting a web site back up. Anybody interested in helping out or if you have any ideas please PM me.



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Hi, I am looking forward to the auction. I would like to see some "workshops". How to build a refugium, proper tank maintainance, reef building etc. I'm sure there are lots of people out there who know how to do this and it would be great for beginners to see up close and personal how to do these things. Karen


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for a workshop suggestion; headloss and Im not refering to the rider from Sleepy Hollow. Some of us do understand about it, especially those with basement sumps however when I've talked to people about going "up" than "over", I feel like im speaking Greek.

Do you still need volunteers for anything?


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Sounds good to me Jim, I look forward to seeing more OMS events and I'll be happy to help out.