Pretty neat ideas I found randomly ... for those with kids


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I was researching some reef stuff (of course) and just happened to stumble on this article about entertaining young kids. It has some awesome ideas and reminders of things we forget to do with our kids in it.


The comments below the article are pretty good too.

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That was a pretty cool link. I had forgotten a lot of the fun things that I did growing up and some of them were catching the fireflys (we called them lightning bugs) and plying with a ball and jacks kept us busy as well. I also remember doing the pick up sticks game (you could probably use toothpicks for this one).


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I remember doing all of those except the HD conglomerate workshop for kids.... As I remember my two favorite play things when I was younger was cardboard boxes and sand. Throw in some construction micromachines and a hose and I spent hours building in the sand box. Cardboard boxes can be supplemented with blankets for forts. Addition of nerf guns or duplos changes the whole dynamic too.