Propagating clams


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I am interested in growing and breeding clams on a small scale at home. I have searched the net but I can't find much info so I was wondering if anybody could give me any info or links etc. or perhaps a book that covers the subject in some detail. Also, where would I get baby clams from or can fertilised eggs be purchased?


Get the book Giant Clams by Daniel Knop this book will answer most of your question. Spawning clams takes time and MONEY and lots of ect. The most important item is getting sexually active clams. This is almost impossible but I have done it with maximas. What type of clams are you interested in? I am an importer of giant clams to the US. If you are interested in babies say about one inch I can fine out who imports clam into the Uk for you. Toptank who is a sponsor of RC has a great website clamsdirect and the price of the book Giant clams is the best around. I also have two books (rare) Spawning and Early Larval Rearing of Giant Clams and Nursey and Grow-out Techniques for Giant Clams. I can get some copies of these and mail them to you? Just email me.