pump for ATO


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I will be purchasing 3 sensors from autotopoff.com to use in my ATO setup. The issue I am running into is the pump. Based upon the info @ http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-05/rn/feature/index.php; you mention that I will need to get a pump that will run the water from the top of the water level of the bucket (we will use the bottom since the h2o level will B fluctuating) to the top of my tank. 48 in. The hose will be "mainly" straight so no major obsticals except for @ the top of the tank. Would you recommend some rigid tubing for the angles @ the top to help "not" restrict the water flow?

With that being said do I need a pump with a head of 6-7 feet? Do they even measure aquarium pumps that way? I have heard of sump pumps measured that way but not the smaller aquariums ones.