QT Tank or not?


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I hear some people swear on QT others don't

I am getting some livestock from saltybottomreefcompany salinty I was told at


My tank currently at 36 ppt or 1.027 I know a little high

I do have a 10 gallon tank/heater and pump lying around (No filter though)

Curious should I QT?

I only have one coral and some snails currently in tank

I am getting the following:

Cleaner Shrimp; Goby; Royal Gamma

Florida Ricordea Do I dip this in CoralRX or no?

some snails as well.


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I was thinking of using a rubbermaid container matching the salinity of the LFS. And then everyday increasing salinity a bit to match my tank. Of course watching for ammonia. A good idea or no? Do you need a filter? Only for a couple days so I am guessing no