Question about flow... what should I do?


Hey all,

Have learnt so much since I've been to these forums, and you guys have been so helpful. Thank you very much for all that.

I've been battling w/ cyno, and my leather has not been doing so well lately. and after getting some help from you guys, it turned out that my flow was way low.

So, I have a 1000lt tank which is about 265 gal. I have no closed loop systems, no refuge, but i do have a sump. As far as the flow is concerned I have the main pump bringing in water to the tank, (sadly i dont know at what rate) which is facing diagonally at approx. 30 degree angle from the back. Then I have a wave machine (sorry about terminology) which operates at rates 5000 / 10000 and 15000 interchangibly. It is attached to the left side of the tank and facing towards the back diagonally at a 40 degree angle i'd say. then the top left has the intake going to the sump.

I am thinking of buying one or two 1500 liters per hour powerheads. I dont know whether to one or two... and also I am not sure where to place them.

Below are the FTS as of now.




Any input is very much appreciated,

Thanks in advance!


As you can see in the last picture, the red algae is more condensed on the right hand side....

The LFS guy helped me scoop it up from the LR, and clean the sand bed; this was a week ago, and now you can see its back.

Also the food is on a timer, and I'm almost starving my fish (but not really, so dont worry :) ) anyhow, all this made me believe that the cyano is due to low flow.


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I would run a couple of koralia 4s towar the areas with the least flow. You could run them full time. just do not have them blow directly on a coral for at least 10 or 12 inches. WIth their magnets you can easily mount them low in the tank and turn the heads anywhere that flow is lacking.


Sorry, I was not sure about what they would be called, but the LFS that sold me that calls it a wavemaker, and says I can't connect two heads to the same 'computer'.

i glanced thru your link, but couldn't fullly read it. sadly i have to go to bed to wake up in 5 hrs in order to go to work.

i will read it and make necessary adjustments.

thank you very much for the input