Question about in Sump Skimmer


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I'm a newbie, so maybe this is an obvious question and I think I may know the answer but please feel free to chime in...

I have a skimmer that is in my sump and is very simple. It's a pipe with seperate cup on top to hold/contain the waste and there is an inlet for an air tube (which I have connected to a Whisper 10 air pump), which is connected to a 2" piece of Limewood for bubbles. Two days ago it was working fine and was foaming to and over the top and in the last few days it has lost its gusto and won't foam/exceed the top of the inlet inside of the cup, thus bubbles are just blowing 90% of the way to the top and it's not doing anything.

Help! Why would there suddenly be a decrease in power? All of a sudden the bubbles and strengh isn't the same as it was two days ago? :confused:


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check the inlet on your air pump, maybe clogged.

Doesn't appear to be's also an external dry air pump if that matters.

It's only suitable for up to 15G and maybe that's the problem? Although my tank is only 18G and it was working just a few days ago.


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what is your livestock load.

How long has the skimmer been running.

reef tank?

The Skimmer has been running for about 5 days (it's a fairly new tank/setup).

I just have about 20lbs of LR and Sand, some macroalgae, and one Damsel to help with cycling.

Any ideas? The foam after I aquascaped rose a bit, but not quite enough to overflow and fall into the top cup.

Thanks for the ideas so far...


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Definitley check your airstone, but your tank is really new, and as of right now there might not be that much to skim.

Just wait a while and after the tank starts to kick in, you might see more skimmage goin on.

Otherwise, take out you skimmer and check/clean the airstone and the pump. It is my guess that right now there's nothing to skim. The skimmer only being rated for 15 doesn't mean anything. It will still skim, just maybe not enough to keep the water 'perfect' under a heavy load, and your no where near a load like that yet.