Question about Soft Corals


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Hi guys. How much light does soft corals need and water movement vs stoney corals? Any information is welcome. Thanks


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some require strong lighting some dont always start low on bottom of tank them move them around if they bleach out or do not grow you know they are not happy as you buy each piece look onlline line for there lighting needs be the judge from there


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Also along with that if they are non photosynthetic they should be placed in the shadows until they are opening up and feeding. If not, the algae can overtake them and they refuse to open. Once feeding and polyp extention is frequent, they can be in full light as they protect themselves from being taken over by algae.


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Most of my soft corals dont bleach like SPS they just start slowly melting. You can usualy tell when they are doing bad tho. Im running 150 watt lights on my 80 and all my corals like being anywher in the tank, except mushrooms and zoas, wich perfer to be on the bottom