raising octopus

has anyone had success in breeding octopus? do you know of any info related to the subject? i ask because i have come into contact with a small octopus i cant identify with eggs. any info is good and thank you.
Colin here is a link to my good friend Jimbo.
For now this should help. The most important thing is enough small foor to feed the babies!! You need to start getting food ready now. Jims site should help, also do a search in the breeders registry I sent you a link too. Start building those rearing chambers !

Hi Chris, thanks again.
Luckily I have a contact in Scotland, "Aqualogistix" who mails out mysis and crangon by the thousand, so the food shouldnt be too bad a problem. I have already started sketching out ideas for a rearing tank. Luckily part of my job includes me building fish tanks for BOSS *Build on Site Specialists aquariums. So cutting and siliconing glass aint a prob. either. I will post some pics once i get started. I think there are 2 or 3 clumps of what looks like 20 or so eggs per clump now.
I am going to re-do my site with pics of the new octos to see if anyone can id them.......
heres one of the new ones........
Live food source in US for baby octopus?

Live food source in US for baby octopus?

My local university called asking for help in locating a food source of live food for hatching octopus- They need mysis sized shrimps. (Brine are too small)I have given some of mine from my reef tank to get them started as well as some red Iron Horse shrimp that I feed seahorses but they are needing a much larger amount than I have or that they can grow. (They have gotten mysis from Inland aquatics to propagate and grow out but don't have that going well enough yet for consumption.) Does anyone know of a source that has live mysis and sells it in fairly large quantities? Apparently the babies will only eat live food for the first several months. We are also going to try ghost shrimp but again need larger quatities than available at our LFS. Thanks for any input.
Culturing your own amphipods and copepods is your best bet. You need to start this process months in advance though. One place you might try is Aquatic Indicators in Florida. 904-829-2780. Charles Delbek made mention of them a year ago on ceph list a a supplier of live mysids. I have no idea of the costs. If you contact them I would be interested in knowing. You can also look up Gulf Specimin Marine Labratories http://www.gulfspecimen.org/ They might be able to help you as well. Florida Aquafarms can sell you amphipods at a price of $5.00 for 25 pods. I am fortunate that I live near a ocean and collect amphipos and isopods myself. In a hour I can collect a good 1000 or more.