RBTA split how soon should I wait to sell

Jim Brody

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I've had this RBTA for close to six months. About a month ago my float switch got stuck in the on position, added about 45 gallons of fresh water, and dropped salinity from 1.023 to 1.016. Salinity stayed that way for about 4 hours till I got home from work. A couple of days later the RBTA split 3 ways. They all look heathy and are eating now but mouth is still off center. Would like to sell 2 of them as they are getting a little to close to some of my corals.

My questions;

Is it to early to sell?

How do I remove them without hurting the foot?

Is $25 fair asking price? I paid $30 for the original.
Or I will trade one for a new float switch, I'm tired of added water manually.



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How bad is the mouth off centered?

$25 seems like a very fair price, but does depend on size too. It's been about a month since it split? If so they are ready to sell, a month is more than enough time. Rob Top is looking for some.

Moving is not fun. Are they on a rock or the glass?


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Jim Brody

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Thanks Hansnfrans,
it has been at least 3 weeks
I'm located in Addison
If anyone wants to come by I would rather you peeled him off the rock cause I'm not sure how


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No prob.

As far as gettng it off the rock is concerned... you can use a plastic spoon or a credit card to start peeling it off, and then gently use your fingers to remove the rest of it from the rock.


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I have tried peeling them off the rock, with no luck. In my experiences I could peel part of the foot up, but part of their foot it so far buried in the rock it's impossible to peel the rest of it. I had 6 on one big rock and found myself taking the whole rock out and using a chisel and hammer and breaking the part on the rock that the anemone was on. A pain in the a** but it worked and was my only choice. It's also better that way when you sell it because it is attached to a rock for easy placement in their new home.
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How big is the rock it's on it might be easier to sell it on the rock or trade it for a rock from my tank. But I just lost my BTA in an unfortunate accident in my tank and my maroon clown is not very happy.