RBTA Split One Doing Well - Other healthy?


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My RBTA split 15days ago. The (IMO) original 1/2 has reassumed a position very similar to where he has lived for some time. The other 1/2 has been wandering around low in the tank since. It has been hanging upside down so I haven't got a very good look at it until today. See picture.

The picture doesn't show, but its color looks pretty good. The mouth doesn't appear to be healed and the tentacles are very short and thin. Possibly unrelated, the fish were hiding out quite a bit this afternoon. They are fine this afternoon and ate dinner.

Do I need to relax and let it find a home, or is this thing on its last leg?

90g w/ 22g sump

NO3 - 2.5 (now decreasing due to increase in vodka)
PO4 - 0
Alk - 8.9dKH
Ca - 480

-Currently dosing vodka at 3.8ml (just now at the level that NO3 is going down)
-Recent switch to BRS 2-part
-.75cup GFO / .5cup Carbon (Reactor)


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My RBTA split three months ago with a similar result. The half that moved from the original location seemed to take longer to flourish. Both are now the Sam size as the original. The split happened over a two day period right in front of my face. Never seen it happen before and I was impressed how it literally tore itself in two. Sweet!