Red Dragon 3 Speedy don't works - Controller has no lights


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this is my first post. I try to explain my problem.
I have a Red Dragon 3 Speedy (50W, 5.000l) since 2018. Cero problems until yesterday. Yesterday I turned off the pump to do some maintenance (nothing to do with the pump) in the aquarium. When I turn on the pump, it does not work, the controller display does not turn on. I power cycle several times, and it still won't turn on the controller. The pump is clean, because I do regular maintenance. It doesn't have lime or anything like that. However, I disassemble the pump again, and reassemble it. But the controller still won't turn on. I open the controller for the first time in 6 years, and I don't really see anything I can fix, or that is visibly broken, or looking bad. What I can do ? I am in Spain. I have to buy a new controller ?, and how can I be sure that the controller is broken and not the pump ?. I attached a couple of photos with the labels of the pump and the controller.
Thank you very much for the help.


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Hi slief,

thank yoy very much for your answerd. I'm in contact with the service from Royal Exclusiv in Germany. I will send the pump and the controller, and they will see what is wrong, and they will change it (99% controller), only the circuit, not the entire controller. This is cheaper.