Red Sea Coral Pro Sat Mix


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Has anyone used Red Sea Coral Pro Salt and if so how did you like it???

Also any thoughts are comments on using Seachen Reef Plus???


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I used Seachem and didnt like the high calcium and low alk. I have been using Red Sea Coral pro for over a year and I love it!


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Never used it, one of the few I have not used. I do hear good things about it though. The new formula is supposed to be better than the old one. Can someone post up the Ca, Alk and Mag levels of new mixed Coral Pro please?


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Been using it now almost 8 months now and love it. Numbers are very close to what is listed on label. ca-450, mg-1350, alk-12kdh @ 35ppt salinity when newly mixed. Keeps my sps tank very stable with maybe a little supplementation once on wednesdays if that between weekly water changes to restore numbers@ ca 410, mg 1325, alk 8.5-9. Noticing a growth spurt on sps lately since getting it.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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The thread has been updated many times. Note the edit time stamp on the bottom.

That said, it is a constantly changing issue and one that requires that Billy spend a lot of time doing it, which he may or may not be interested in.


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I used it while vodka dosing. The high alk actually gave me tip burns on my acros. I use neo marine now. It's perfect for dosing carbon with no adverse effects on my corals.


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I have been using it for about two weeks now and have seen a positive response from my corals. In that time I have probably put in about half of my system capacity. I have a orange/pink/red/green welso that is usually pretty light in color and now the colors are a lot more defined and brighter. I was using RC.