Red Sea Program?


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I have been using the ABC for about 6 months, as well as NoPox and Reef Energy for about as long. Have had great results with these products. However, the sps in my tank and as well as some of the lps have faded a little.

Does anyone have experience with the color program. Is it a pain to test for the A,B,C and D? Do they work? I have searched the forums, many people are trying it but haven't commented on their experience.

I do a 10% water change (red sea salt)every week, hoping that it will replace what is needed, but i know my colors can be better. Growth is good, but blue sps is brown, green and reds are faded.


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Hi Marc. IMO the colors part of the program is for "tweaking". You should be about to achieve good coloration without it. It is not a magic fix for something that is lacking. Faded colors happen from unstable water parameters, too few nutrients, and too much light (or combo of the three). IME, blue acropora turns brown under stress and not from high PO4.

I would keep it simple for now, then "tweak" later once the corals are happy.