Red Sea Reefer 425XL - SwissFragReefer

I would be interested, what time you spend per week for aquarium maintenance. I usually do around average 3-5 hours per week at least. Quite a commitment. I am sure you can also get away with less but I just feel if I stay on top of it, I have it more under control...
When I had a 90 mixed reef (with 50g Rubbermaid sump), I'd spend at least an hour every day. Or pay for not doing so a day or two later with even more time. Always something to putter with.
I should add that it was highly relaxing. I had a high-stress job at the time, so there was nothing like sitting down there (basement tank) after work and futzing with an intake valve or some such. Probably required less work in truth.
an hour a week for this tank
your tank is great BTW!
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