Reef Dynamics skimmer


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My INS80 died a week ago :/ gotta get a new pump for it. Until then I was really happy with it. The thing really pulls stuff out fast and efficiently.


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I got the INS 135, still fine turning it but it worked right out of the box. I had a Euro reef on my smaller tank but when I went up to a 120 it was too small. Glad I held out for this skimmer.


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Congrats --

I just upgraded my Euro-Reef CS12-2 with two eheim recirculating pumps and this thing rocks. Jeff M. hooked me up once again....


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Thanks for the responses! I'm about 150 gallons in the system (including sump); the 135 may just be too small for my rig (heavy SPS stock).


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I would go with the ins180

IDEAL: The INS180 is ideal for "SPS" aquarium systems with a total capacity of +/- 150 gallons with a heavy bio-load. "SPS"


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ditto on the going with the INS180. My 135 is on a 120 gal mixed reef and works great but would be too small for a 150.


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Glad to see all the positivity- I am eagerly awaiting delivery of an INS350. I mean eagerly, haven't had a euroreef since 2006 and it rocked!


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I have the INS-135e. It is a great skimmer, but waaay too big (unstable) for my still lightly stocked 40g. I'm getting in a waveline dc-3000 skimmer pump today, going to try it out and see if it will be more stable on a lower setting than what the eheim 1260 is putting out. If not, I'll slap the dc3000 on a vertex in-80 body and sell the 135e. I think the ins135 (or 135e) would be fine for a 150, especially if that is including sump volume.