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hey every one, im farely new to this and i have a question about refugiums. I currently have a 37 tall aquarium that houses mushrooms, Kolt, flower pot and Zenia. As far as fish, i have 2 clowns, hippo tang chevron tang,6 line wrasse and a cardnial. I am using a CPR Bak-Pak2, Rena canister and 2 sm. power heads(for flow behind the rocks). I am interested in adding a HANG-ON refugium to my system. I need some pros and cons. I would consider a all in 1 sump style as well. I look forward to all your comments. ty--Phil
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for the sump style, you would need an overflow first. the hang-on would be probably be easier to setup (unless you already have an overflow).

you do have a rather heavy stock list though (keep in mind the hippo tang can get up to 1 foot long), so a refugium would be a good addition. jmo.
Wow 2 tangs in a 37 Tall..... The Tang Police are gonna Get You!!!! If you don't have a Drilled Overflow and don't want to risk shattering your tank to drill one, go for the Hang On. The biggest one you could find would be the best. Fill it up with Chaeto and a DSB and let it ride. Oh and for future reference it is always wise to do a little research on the fish (tangs) you purchase before you purchase them. In my opinion your fish are waaaayyyy to big of species for your tank.
wow a chevron tang isnt the cheapest fish either, do your self a favor and mortgage your house to buy a bigger tank.
don't chevrons range in 100$+? but yeah, to big of a fish species. no tangs. as for the refugium, go hang on. it's simple, relatively cheap, and worth it. controls algae, feeds coral, what can i say, great thing to have.

and by the way...........WELCOME TO REEFCENTRAL!!!!!!!! :)
Don't put sand in a HOB fuge -- there's really not enough surface area for meaningful denitrification and it will become a big poop sink that's a pain to clean up. Chaeto ball yes. Live rock yes. Sand no. You definitey need at least a fuge with that stocking list. I'll refrain from the tang conversation it's your money.
hear comes the tang police. Too small a tank for those tangs. I'm pushing it with my hippo in a 90 gal. As for a fuge, I got a hang on refugium for like 25 bux. I had to build it myself, but it was easy.