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I have recently completed a sump tank (30 gal.) for my 50 gal. display tank, and I am just working on finishing the plumbing. From my display tank I have a 600 GPH overflow to drain to my sump. Inside the middle section of the sump there is a submersible protein skimmer which requires a 500 GPH submersible pump.

The problem I am having is that I can not figure out how strong of a submersible return pump is required for water to reach my display tank. The distance from the sump to the display is approximately 3 feet (4' MAX). I was hoping a Mag 700 GPH return pump would be strong enough for the water back to the tank?
Any other suggestions or recommendations for this issue?



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To minimize heat transfer and just because they are bullet proof, I would suggest an eheim 1260. The Mag series are infamous for the amount of heat they produce. That should give you more than enough flow through the tank, as well as a little in reserve for a DIY manifold to run reactors.


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Before you purchase a pump, There are a few things to figure. The powerheads combined with your return pump will make up the total water flow. So the Powerheads volume + Pump volume = Total Tank Movement needed. You decide on the pump to accomplish the water movement you want to have after you have your figures . You will need to know what your drain flows based on its' size so your pump doesn't suck air because it is too strong. Figure out the head loss in your return run.Pipes, fittings,distance ect. I,m sure I missed some thing but that is a good start.
There are several things that need to be considered before deciding on the pump. Size your pump to to balance your system and you will enjoy your tank along time.
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just get a DC 12000 you can dial it down and have enough flow for when you decide to upgrade,