Ridding Hydroids with a Dip


New member
I recently had some 2 zoa frags covered in brown hydroids, I looked around and could not find anything on how to get rid of them. Instead of tossing them out I decided to do a high concentrated dip in some hydrogen peroxide, I didn't measure it but I'm guessing it was around 30-40%. I let them soak for around 25 mins, it was too the point where some of the polyps had bubbles in them and the frag floated, I then dipped them in an iodine dip for another 10 mins before rinsing and returning them to the tank, the next day to my surprise both frags were hydriod free :)

Considering the one of the frags still has a bunch of polyps still closed I only recommend this as a last resort, I used this dip knowing that is could have killed the frag, please use at your own risk