Rimless jbj 45 skimmer?


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Anyone with a tank around 45 gallons please post input. Bout to start a rimless 45 build and wondering what's the best HOB skimmer for these? Thanks


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I have a friend with the next model below yours . He put a CPR fuge on the back of the filter area and modified the intake pump line to put a Aquamaxx / JNS HOB1 skimmer on the other side . If he didn't have the fuge he would have bought the Deepwater Aquatics HOB JNS skimmer . I think he regrets it a lil since the Aquamaxx has overflowed once so far . IMHO the Deepwater version is better because the collection cup is not like a CPR bakpak with the oring to adjust the cup .The cup is a half cone shape on the DWA skimmer .
This video should help since its your tank


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