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I recently bought an ro/di unit, and am in need of storing water for changes. I have heard that some trash containers etc can leach unwanted things into the water. Is there any truth to this? If so does it eventually stop? Any brands better than others? Thank you.
I store my water in 44 gallon trashcans. I use the Brute with casters. I've never had any problems. I even dip my coffee pot in it every morning for better tasting coffee.

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So does it have a shelf life or do you have to get rid of it after a certain amount of time? Does it stagnate?
I have a power head running in mine. So have you guys tested the water(TDS) after having it sit in there for a while to see if anything shows up?
I would only make enough water to do your next water change. Depending on how much water your system makes, just turn it on before hand. Any water sitting still for too long will stagnate.
I dont let my water sit very long. Mine makes 35 gallons a day. I do a water change once every two weeks. I dont test it. Anything that might grow in it gets zapped by my UV sterilizer. If you dont have one, you should get one. They work miracles.
How do the uv steralizers hook up. Are they on a closed input and return system powered by a powerhead? Never used one but lately I have been having a green algae bloom in my freshwater tank. If it will take care of it I will definately invest in one. I also use the plastic brute cans for my ro water. After a few days the water tests out at around 21 ppm. I really dont consider that too bad, but I am not an expert? Would the use of a uv light restore it to 0?
Rubbermaid Brute garbage can is one of the best as it's food grade plastic. I also use the blue 5 gallon water cool jugs for long storage. Do not use a powerhead unless it's mixed with salt and keep the pure water tightly covered.

I'll also recommend the Rubbermaid Brute... as weird as it sounds, it is a high quality garbage can. :)
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I'll also recommend the Rubbermaid Brute... as weird as it sounds, it is a high quality garbage can. :)

I see your from Minnesota have you found the TCMAS group yet in the Twin Cities?

okdave RO and DI waters are aggressive and if left uncovered or with a powerhead without the the cover on tightly they will draw ions from the air and give you a higher TDS reading. They are great for drawing CO2 from your furnace and ammonia from a cat litter box.

I do keep the lid of my brute container closed and currently have my ro water stored in a basement that is not directly located where the furnace is. I am going to change all filters except the membrane this week and see what happens.