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hey guys i just got a new ro/di unit, and im a total noob when it comes to these things as this is the first one ive ever used. its a coralife pure-flo II 50 GPD

so after getting it all hooked up, i got the water on to it and letting it fill up two five gallon buckets to dispose of as per instructions.

and i just want to be sure, but it going to take a little while to fill up a bucket...the instructions give you some hints on what to do if its "real slow" but they dont give me any sort of comparrison so i know what normal flow is...basicly just wondering how long it takes everyone to fill five gallon bucket on average.

and secondly is there a problem if i here noise from the membrain housing, not a lot of noise but like a hiss or a high pressuer water sound.

and finally i should be putting warm water through the device right like 70-75 F? the manual says some about water temp but dosent actully give you a temp to have your water at lol.

anyhow thanks for reading


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Production rates depend mainly on two things, water temperature and water pressure. That unit is designed to produce 50 GPD at 77 degrees F. and 65 psi pressure. Chances you do not have either of those available especially in winter months. Even here in Phoenix my water temperature drops to 58 degrees. DO NOT try to temper or blend hot and cold water to make it warmer!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. It is very easy to melt a membrane in a heartbeat by doing this. Remember being in the shower and someone flushes a toilet or starts the other tub? you get either frozen or scalded! the same thing happens with the membrane as you cannot regulate the flows and pressure accurately, a quick flush of the toilet and you may have a toasted membrane since they cannot stand hot water.

If you take a look at , one of the RC sponsors, you will find a nice calculator on their home page near the top. This can give you a very accurate GPD if you know your pressure and temperature. I would guess you will probably get more like 25-35 GPD out of that unit in the winter in most locations. If you had a unit with a 75 GPD Dow Filmtec membrane you could expect more like 60 GPD or more since they are designed for only 50 psi and 77 degrees rather than 65 psi. keep that in mind when it comes time to replace the membrane.